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Parent volunteers have an integral role at NEYT, as they are encouraged to participate as 1. Front-of-House volunteers or 2. Monitors in the green room during performances. Like the students, parents can form a bond through doing the work of the theater, and these relationships make our community stronger.

1. Front-of-House Volunteers:

Concessions Volunteers and Ushers come in an hour before showtime on performance nights and matinees, to assist with Front-of-House duties, such as tidying the lobby, preparing the concessions area and stuffing season playbills with programs. All front-of-house volunteers are asked to bake refreshments to sell at the concessions counter during intermissions. Funds generated through audience donations for concessions go directly to our financial assistance program.

Parents who bring in baked goods and work behind the counter (or usher and bring in baked goods), get a complimentary seat for the performance(s) they sign up for. Parents are asked to sign up in advance, as there are a total of 6 assigned “Front-of-House” volunteer seats per performance. (4 behind the concessions counter, and 2 ushers). The sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board in the kitchen about a week before the performance. An email is sent to all parents when the sign-up sheet is posted.

Arrive an hour before the show starts. Bring baked goods- such as cookies or brownies or rice crispie treats, or maybe something savory, or something gluten-free.  If you're in a hurry, or if you're just not a baker, store-bought donuts and/or purple grapes are usually a big hit, too.  All items sell "by donation." There’s no need to be elaborate – just bring in something yummy, bountiful, and appealing.

Upon arrival, check in with Front of House Coordinator. You will be directed to a list of duties posted on the bulletin board in the kitchen, including:
    •    Brew coffee
    •    Heat hot fudge in crock pot
    •    Wipe down counters, put away stray dishes
    •    Stock refrigerator with water, root beer, seltzer, ice cream and half and half from storage room
    •    Stock counter with hot cups, float cups, sundae cups, straws, spoons, napkins, tea, sugar, stir sticks
    •    Set up attractive display of donated baked items using available dishware and display items
    •    Pre-scoop ice cream and store in freezer
    •    Stuff programs into season playbill booklets
    •    Tidy lobby
    •    Check restrooms for paper products
    •    Remove stray items from “house” (audience seating)
    •    Ushers take tickets and distribute programs approximately 20-30 minutes before performance begins- when stage manager “opens” the house to patrons.
    •    Enjoy Act 1
    •    At intermission, concessions volunteers sell concessions, keeping the line moving quickly and efficiently
    •    Enjoy Act 2
    •    At the end of the performance, ushers remove leftover programs from house after performance ends; concessions volunteers clean kitchen and put away baked goods while waiting for actors to put away costumes and come to lobby.

The Front-of-House coordinator is always at the performances, so none of these tasks has to be done alone! Also, the volunteers tend to be a combination of experienced and inexperienced parents, who assist each other, and simply have fun being a part of the production, together.

2. Green Room Monitors

We try to have additional adults in the dressing rooms – particularly for Junior Company shows. If you have any interest in assisting with hair, make-up, and green room crew please let Sandy Klein know.
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