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Being In A Show:

NEYT produces 10-12 productions each year. Shows include comedies, original and popular musicals, serious dramas, children’s book adaptations, and more. (Visit Photo Gallery pages to see photos of past shows). Some productions require auditions; others are the result of classes.

Being in an NEYT show is a big commitment, but you’ll come away from it with a huge sense of accomplishment and pride. Being totally immersed in such an exciting, energizing effort, where everyone is working towards a common goal, results in an extraordinary feeling of being part of something bigger than yourself. You also benefit from knowing that your individual contribution was essential to the whole.

It takes a lot of time and energy to bring a show together. We recognize it is a family commitment for a young person to participate in a production. There are rehearsals to get to, snacks to pack, lines to learn…
It is important to make sure the show will fit in the life of your family.

Parents should attend the parent meeting held at the beginning of the rehearsal process. This meeting covers information specific to the production, schedule of the show, and contact information. This is also a good time to meet some of the other families participating.

Rehearsal schedules are made in full before the start of rehearsals.
Each director has their own process for calling actors. Some shows call the entire cast for each meeting – others only call actors when specific work will be done. Each actor is responsible for knowing when they are called for rehearsal. If you have questions, please contact… front office.

Although auditions may have been held much earlier, rehearsals start 6-8 weeks before opening night. Rehearsals are held 3-5 times a week after school no later than 7 pm with some weekends.

It is important to be PROMPT – arriving 15 minutes before the start time provides enough time to get settled and be ready to begin.

We do our best to plan for contingencies– but sometimes it is necessary to make-up a missed rehearsal due to weather – or an additional hour or two to due to unforeseen challenges. If this need arises, you will be contacted by email with at least three days notice.  

Cast and crew are required to be at every rehearsal for which they are scheduled and ALL performances.  They may also be required to miss a morning of school as daytime performances are presented as field trip opportunities for public and private schools for many of our productions.

ABSENCES affect the entire ensemble.
Every hour counts – we work within a minimum amount of the time it takes to put up a production. Every time someone is missing from a scene – it then needs additional time to work the actor into the scene.

Absences due to scheduling conflicts are approved at the discretion of the director and must be arranged before a role is accepted.

If an absence is necessary in the case of illness or emergency, please contact the front office before rehearsal begins.

Parents who are interested in carpooling can submit their contact information when registering. We will provide a contact list at the general information meeting.

Our extended performance schedule provides students an experience of the discipline and spontaneity strong theatre needs… we learn from our time with audiences. Performances usually run two weekends, both evenings and matinees, and often there is a mid-week school show, so you may be in as many as 8 -12 performances for any one show.

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