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Twelfth Night 2017

Twelfth Night
Directed by John Hadden 

To view or purchase photos from this show go to or follow this link to the show. Photos by Laura Bliss

Twelfth Night is a brilliant dark comedy about love and madness. Full of music, beautiful language, cross-dressing and other forms of disguise, this play shows what happens when we give in to reckless love fantasies. Shipwrecked twins on a voyage far from home, each thinking the other has drowned, wander into a world full of petty rivalry, misunderstanding, cruelty, and ridiculous hijinks, most of it fueled by longing and disappointment. 
Shakespeare wrote the play the same year he came up with Hamlet, and it contains much of the same existential questioning, but in a world as colorful and wacky as Denmark is cold and serious.  Each character comes from her own world, complete and isolated from the others. The play is like a collection of planets, careening around a universe called Illyria.

The cast of senior NEYT actors is all set to play some wild games with this one!

Performs at 7pm on August 11 and 12th
Performs at 2pm on August 12 and 13th
Admission: Students $10, Seniors $12, Adults $13
Sponsor: Brattleboro Savings & Loan Assn.

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