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The Super Hero Circus

Circus Minimus
The Super Hero Circus

Directed by Kevin O'Keefe

To view or purchase photos from this show go to or follow this link to the show. Photos by Laura Bliss.

Can you fly or make yourself invisible? Shoot spider webs out of your wrists, stop a speeding bullet, always be warm in the VT winter, be unerringly polite, have the world’s best mustache, or always be on time? This year’s Circus Minimus celebrates all kinds of Super Heroes, as local kids get together and create heroes of their very own.

Kevin O’Keefe discovered Circus Minimus in 1985 when he found a small suitcase outside his apartment in NYC and filled it with everything he would need to perform his One-Man Circus in-a-Suitcase around the world. Since then Circus Minimus has expanded to include five programs that have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of families. This year’s circus promises to be the fantastical super hero journey of your life, so don your mask and your cape and come see The Super Hero Circus Minimus!

Performs July 29 at 4pm and 7pm
Admission $8
Sponsor: Prentiss Smith & Co

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