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Melodrama II 17

Melodrama Festival Two
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Junior (9-11):  'A Titanic Heist' Or: 'None Too Soon!' A Tale of Titanic Proportions!
Written by Nick Bombicino 
Directed by Taylor Patno and Kristina Meima

What happens when Classic Melodrama Villains have to change with the times? They head to where the money is: Hollywood. The Dry Gulch Duo, Sting Sharply and Ivan Hoffa, decide to up their game to game the system in 1930's silver screen fashion with insurance fraud on the new, upcoming talking picture, Titanic!, a film about the famous voyage. Join grand actors, undercover police, moustachioed villains, and even a Canadian Mountie on their journey to stardom.

Senior (12-15): Eventually on Napkins 
Written by Hayden Bunker
Directed by Hayden Bunker and Raphi Shamas

Paralyzed by anxiety that she will never out-do her early success, Beatrix, a once-great playwright, has struggled for decades to follow up her critically acclaimed debut with a second masterpiece. But when she’s commissioned to produce another work, Beatrix embarks—with the help of her husband and trusty butler—on a journey of whimsical imagination and self-discovery as her ideas and characters spring to life upon the stage.

Performs July 21 at 6pm
July 22 at 2pm and 6pm
Sponsor: Howard Printing

Admission $8 for admission to both Junior AND Senior shows
Sponsor: Howard Printing

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