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How the NYC Theatre Company Left NY

Town Schools Theatre Spring Play
How The New York City Theatre Company Left New York
Directed by Jonny Flood
Sponsor: C&S Wholesale Grocers

To view photos from this show go to or follow this link:
Photos by Laura Bliss. 

Maxine, Jimbo, and the rest of the once-famous New York City Theatre Company have fallen on hard times. Unfortunately for them, their landlord Mr. Fatpockets did not get fabulously wealthy by taking pity on the impoverished. So they're out of the city, out of showbiz, and off to the quiet hills of Vermont to try their hand at farming. Will Mr. Fatpockets foreclose on their farm, too? Will Jimbo ever learn how to make kombucha? Will Farmer Fred learn proper jazz-hand technique? Come see the Town Schools Theatre production of "How The New York Theatre Company Left New York" to find out!

Performs Friday May 26 at 7:00pm
Saturday, May 27th at 2pm and 7pm
Admission $8

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