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Robin Hood


Directed by Peter Gould
February 24th-March 4th

Come experience the classic story of your favorite, forest-dwelling, fighter-of-inequality.  Actors don the requisite Lincoln green, have a rollicking good time knocking over rich caravans, and shooting bows and arrows… wait, no arrows – they’re just not safe.

Peter Gould is approaching this adaptation in an open and collaborative way with all of the young, creative minds of the cast.  He has created chapters of the story, a plan, key words and key lines, and he is open as a director, to accepting new ideas that come up in rehearsal.  

“This is not theatre where you have twenty five people and you have two main characters and everyone else is a supporting role and we have a script and stand around learning lines and blocking and then perform.  This is different,” says Gould.  All of the fun in this Robin Hood world will come out of movement and ensemble action.

“This legend is 900 years old – and there is a reason a legend exists and persists – it has to strike a chord with successive generations.  The idea of creative, mutualistic, happy-go-lucky redistribution of wealth will always be entertaining,” says Gould.

The humor will operate on a few different levels simultaneously, like Shakespeare – there is something for the groundlings, something for the average viewer, and something a little high-brow, so get ready to laugh!

Gould is also teacher of a new program at the High School called, Arts for Social Change.  

He says, “Robin Hood is the ultimate archetypal myth of the little guy fighting against the big guy in the most non-violent way possible.”

Robin Hood’s merry men will be Occupying Nottingham in this play to resonate with the imagery of our current clashes between rich and poor.  This archetype represents the age-old struggle between the 1% and the 99%.  

But this production is not a play about our current global financial crisis.  Gould says, “We are just telling the story of Robin Hood.”  Friendship, brother- and sister-hood, equality, and having fun together - that is what this show is about.

There has always been a story of Robin Hood or a story like Robin Hood told in some creative way by artists around the world.  When asked, has this archetype ever brought about lasting change?  Gould replies, “People should not depend on artists or storytellers to tell them what to do, we only explain the situation in a clearer way. Social change happens very slowly, but don’t blame the artists for that – we keep trying.”

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PERFORMANCES:  Feb 24-26 & Mar 2-4, Fri & Sat at 7 pm, Sat & Sun at 2 pm.


TICKETS:  $7 students, $9 Seniors, $11 Adults





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