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Princesses vs Zombies

Princesses vs Zombies


Summer Melodrama Festival Part 2
Join us for a romping good time during NEYT’s classic summer productions of four fabulous Melodramas as the festival of melodrama continues!  Taking theater down to its basics, Jane Baker & Allie Bliss teach NEYT’s young actors how to approach a play with larger than life, fearless, and bold acting.  Based in a style influenced by clowning and high drama of the “Gay 90’s,” these NEYT Melodramas will have kids and parents hissing & booing, laughing & cheering, and rolling in the aisles.


Princesses vs. Zombies
Come witness your classic fairy tale princesses, like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, battle brain-eating, undead zombies... and vampires... AND werewolves.
Written by Jane Baker. 
Directed by Jane Baker with Moriah Martel

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