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Le Moustache

Summer Melodrama Festival Part 1


The fabulous melodrama festival returns this summer with two great new plays!  Jane Baker and Nick Bombicino take on directing for the epically dramatic and painfully hilarious summer melodramas.  Taking theater down to its basics, Nick & Jane have taught NEYT’s young actors how to approach a play with larger than life, fearless, and bold acting.  Based in a style influenced by clowning and high drama of the “Gay 90’s,” these NEYT Melodramas will have kids and parents in the audience hissing & booing, laughing & cheering, and rolling in the aisles. Join us for the fun!


The play is a playful look at melodramas of old: You'll see young heroes, deceivingly helpless maidens, riches, ransom, prospectors, bumbling policemen, and of course, mustachioed villains. The young hero, Nigel Dashington, must rescue the only daughter of his Boss, Richard Denue, who has been kidnapped by the meddling and misunderstood Benoit De Le Moustache.  Follow along as various members of the town, police force, and forest folk get tied up in this case of a classic kidnapping caper.
Written by Nick Bombicino and Harry Poster.
Directed by Nick Bombicino with Shannon Ward.

Shows: 6/29-7/1
Times: Friday at 6pm & 8pm, Saturday at 6pm & 8pm, Sunday at 1pm & 3pm
Tickets: $7

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