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“Imp Rovers, assemble!” With this cry, the red curtain was whisked open and a small group of teenagers rushed onstage. With much shuffling and rearranging they formed themselves into a line facing the audience, only to be turned around by their coach, showing off their crisp new t-shirts. Although every shirt was different, with each member’s name and number on the back, they all had one thing in common: on the front, in small red letters, read the words ‘The Imp Rovers.’

That was the scene on Friday, April 1st, at the New England Youth Theatre’s Fool’s Cabaret. This small improv troupe of about 12, “cleverly” titled the Imp Rovers, was created by improv coach extraordinaires Jane Baker and Andrew Marchev, as well as  Mentor Advisor and Costumer Sandy Klein. Picked from NEYT’s senior company, these young actors started two years ago, under the pretense of “just fooling around.” Now, after a sneaking suspicion that they might actually be good, as well as shows at the Elliot St. Cafe, a few fairs, and NEYT events, the Imp Rovers have swallowed their fear, and are bringing you their first full length show!

So, hear ye hear ye! Because WE are telling YOU to join us at the New England Youth Theatre, Tuesday, May 10th, in the hopes that YOU will come, and WE will have the pleasure of trying to make YOU laugh instead of metal chairs! We will be playing classic improvisation games, with a taste of the new. And if you’re lucky you may even find yourself pulled onto the stage in some good old fashioned audience participation! Tickets will be sold at the door for $5, and concessions, baked by us, will be available as well! So bring yourselves, your friends, and the ability to laugh! Cheers! 

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