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Circus Minimus in Animals and Insects

July 23

CIRCUS MINIMUS in Animals and Insects
Artistic Director Kevin O'Keefe, a former instructor for the Big Apple Circus in NYC, and current resident of Brattleboro, brings 30 years of teaching circus to area families. At Circus Minimus he is directing and instructing ordinary kids in their very own extraordinary circus show. Students ages 7-13 are studying introductory tumbling, clowning, juggling, tightwire, partner acrobatics, stilts, unicycle and more.  Those new skills will be combined into one brilliant act on July 23rd at 2pm and 6pm. The public is invited to the culminating event - this is Brattleboro’s chance to runaway and join the circus and still be home for dinner!
Performances will be at 2pm and 7pm on July 23rd!

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