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Strategic Planning Questionaires

As you might have heard, New England Youth Theatre is embarking on a strategic planning process and we need your thoughts and your voice to make it a success.


There are TWO things we are asking you to do:


1. Below are some links to short questionnaires about NEYT. They take five or less minutes to complete. Please click on the one link that best describes your relationship to NEYT. If you aren't sure, take your best guess. There are no wrong answers!



Students/NEYT participants-- 

Alum of NEYT-- 

Interested community members-- 


If you are a parent or caregiver of a student at NEYT, we ask that you please help them complete the questionnaire as well. It is designed to be kid-friendly, but students (especially under 9) might need some assistance.


2. PLEASE share this invitation with anyone you know who might be interested in contributing. They do not need to be affiliated with NEYT--they could be an "Interested community member." You can send it via email, post it on Facebook--whatever is easiest for you.


If you have any questions about the process or how you can get involved, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are looking forward to hearing your voice, which will help us create the vision for NEYT's next five years!


Thank you,

Sadie Fischesser 

Board President, NEYT

Strategic Planning

2016 was a banner year for New England Youth Theatre, thanks to our students, staff, faculty, volunteers, partners, parents, and donors. Here are some highlights:


* More than 500 students participated in programs and productions that ranged from popular musical shows, like Mary Poppins, to specialized training in costume design.

* Sixty public school children benefited from NEYT's no-tuition in-school program that culminated with a weekend of performances at NEYT.

* Our tech and job skills programs are attracting more students than ever.


In short, we're growing and expanding,


This is why we believe now is the time to undergo a strategic planning process to make sure that we continue to offer you and other members of our community the kind of organization that enhances all who come within our orbit.


The goals of the planning process are:

* Hear, acknowledge, and respond to the voice of each an every NEYT stakeholder--whether that be a student, parent, staff member, faculty member, alumni, or community member.

* Ensure our future work is solidly rooted in the mission of NEYT, to educate the hearts,minds, bodies and voices of youth of all abilities through the dramatic arts.

* Provide a guide for development and sustainability of NEYT for the next five years.


As a first step, we will be organizing a series of focus groups. There are four times that we will offer sessions. Please click here ( to RSVP for one of the groups. We want your voice in the mix. You have something important to say and we want to hear it. If you can't participate in the groups, don't worry because there are other ways to participate. We will also be sending out questionnaires next week to gather feedback. Stay tuned for that.


And one more thing, if you don't mind. PLEASE forward this email invitation to anyone you know who cares about NEYT and our community; they do not have to be affiliated with NEYT. We are looking forward to your participation in this valuable process.


Thank you in advance for helping us create a vision for NEYT's future. If you have any questions about this strategic plan or the process, please do not contact NEYT directly but rather email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Thank you,

Sadie Fischesser

Board President, NEYT

Peter Gould Honored


Peter Gould, a longtime Vermont theater worker, and popular Green Writers Press author, has won the 2016 Ellen McCulloch-Lovell Award in Arts Education from the Vermont Arts Council.

This prize is presented each year to an individual who has made "a sustained contribution to learning in and through the arts, and has had a positive impact on the quality of education in Vermont." The award is named in honor of the former executive director of the Vermont Arts Council and retired president of Marlboro College.

In selecting Peter Gould for this award, the Arts Council recognizes his creativity, passion for the arts, and his more than forty years of dedication to young people through various forms of arts in education.

Peter is the founder & director of "Get Thee to the Funnery" Shakespeare Camps, a youth enrichment program with unique branches throughout the state. Each summer, more than 150 young Funnery actors gain clarity of voice, positive self-esteem, leadership skills, and empathy in a rarified atmosphere of intellectual stimulation and physical training.

Peter has also performed more than 3000 shows across the U.S. and in other countries, as a soloist, and as part of Gould & Stearns. He continues to support Stearns's work in founding and running Brattleboro's now-legendary New England Youth Theatre, where Peter has been a director for fifteen years. Peter has inspired thousands of children in sponsored school residencies in every corner of Vermont.

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