Theatre Adventure Program

Theatre Adventure actors are youth and adults with developmental challenges. Theatre Adventure students uncover and discover their talents, interests, and abilities as creative individuals.
Theater arts beckon and invite powerful self expression---during theater warm up activities; while drumming to create a group rhythm; when on stage and projecting voices with confidence, when proudly touching an i-pad to empower the recorded voice to speak one’s lines; while performing for an audience with courage, spunk and pizazz!

Theatre Adventure actors arrive for class, rehearsal or performances welcomed by many.  Students learn that all are needed.
During performances the actors are noticed and valued. The audience laughs, sometimes cries, claps, and cheers.
Theater arts offer windows toward self-discovery.  A supportive and caring environment with predictable structure and expectations invite Theatre Adventure actors to discover their growing edge. Learning abounds!

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Winter-Spring Semester 2018
Wednesday Troupe: January 17- May 23
Thursday Troupe: January 18- April 19
Tuition: $450

Spring Productions
Twelfth Night- April 11 at 10:30 am, 12 at 10:30 am, 13 at 7 pm
Questery- May 16, 17, 18- all at 10:30 am

Summer Theatre Arts Seminar 2018
June 18- July 6
8:30 am- noon
Monday- Friday
Part-Time Participation is available/mixed ages
Tuition: $450

Summer Production
Shining Stars Cafe
Thursday July 5
1-3 pm

Fall Semester 2018
Wednesday Troupe: September 12- November 7, 9 am to 11:30 am
Thursday Troupe: September 13- November 9, 9 am to noon
Tuition: $350

Fall Production
Putting on our Finery
Fashion Show Fundraiser
Friday, November 9 at 7 pm

$10 Tickets for all performances are available: (or at the door)

All Theatre Adventure classes, rehearsals and performances take place at the West Village Meeting House, 29 South Street, West Brattleboro.

Contact the Director for more information:
Laura Lawson Tucker
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Darlene Jenson
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To find out more about current classes follow the link to the NEYT Classes page.

Thanks to our sponsors: The Vt. Childrens Foundation and Green River Data Analysis



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