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We love surprises! Creativity abounds in our Theatre Adventure Troupe. We have learned that everyone has a different voice with unique abilities and ideas.  We recognize that there are many ways to communicate. It is a priority for us to help troupe members build friendships as well as share their own interests. Finding these moments for each participant to shine (both on stage and off stage) and be acknowledged by others continually guides our work. We enjoy one another in a spirit of playfulness, creativity, and acceptance while bringing stories to life and basking in the magic of theatre!

We recognize the importance of working toward an open and welcoming relationship with each student's parent or guardian and caregiver.  We believe that this is a prerequisite for understanding and working well with each actor. All troupe members need support, some more than others, to understand the schedule of the day and what is expected of them.  During each session, our time together is structured with predictable routines, songs that we sing each day at specific times, and symbols drawn on large paper to represent each “circle” or workshop of the morning. We believe that once our students feel safe and accepted then their creativity knows no bounds.

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