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Theatre Adventure Program

All are welcome and all have a place in New England Youth Theatre’s own inclusive theater program now in its tenth year. Theatre Adventure students of all ages and abilities create courageous theater. Playfulness rules during Theatre Adventure classes and productions. The life of the theater invites freedom of expression! Theatre Adventure actors know no boundaries as they use their faces, gestures, movements, voices, or costumes for self-expression or while being a character during a performance.

Productions inspire new thinking for both the actors and audience members. Previous audience members have commented that they arrived expecting to be charmed, and left with so much more.

“The actors created theater that is dynamic and thought provoking—as well as fun!”

The Theatre Adventure staff includes: a Director, a Disabilities Specialist,  two assisting  teachers and a Costumer. Each semester two or three youth or young adults participate as Mentors, who model and assist the other members of the theatre troupes. Most troupe members with disabilities attend with a Support Professional, who helps engage and guide their actors. 

To provide a supportive, creative drama experience for individuals with disabilities.
To enroll a few troupe members, whom are typically developing, in order to provide some modeling for the actors with disabilities, while also creating opportunities for inclusion for all of the actors.
To draw on the participant's talents and strengths through creative expression.
To offer a positive social experience in which a trusting and nurturing group climate is established.
To offer a year-round educational program that provides students with the opportunity to strengthen their theatre arts skills from previous semesters.

~Theatre Adventure actors with and without disabilities create brave and vibrant theater. With innovative artistic vision Theatre Adventure actors inspire awakened views from their audiences.

To find out more about current classes follow the link to the NEYT Classes page.

As NEYT’s off-campus program, all Theatre Adventure classes, rehearsals and shows take place at the West Village Meeting House,
 29 South Street, West Brattleboro, Vermont (across from the
W. Brattleboro fire station, up a steep driveway)

Please contact the Directors for more information:
Laura Lawson Tucker, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (257-7024)
Darlene Jenson, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (254-9528)

Theatre Adventure Program is funded in part by a grant from the Vermont Children's Trust Fund - Child Development Division.

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