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Senior Summer Shakespeare

Directed by John Hadden with Keely Eastley

AUDITIONS: Sunday, March 4th 2-4pm
Ages 13-19
Program Tuition $500

Sunday, February 11th 1-4pm

Finding the Story through the Language
Keely Eastley, John Hadden

Often in Shakespeare, the big story of the play, the one that everyone knows, can be misleading. One of the beautiful things about Shakespeare is that he somehow gives us ways of expressing our own thoughts and feelings––if we have eyes to look under the surface. Maybe this is why these plays still amaze us today, 400 years later. In this workshop, Keely and John will take you on a guided tour to several specific moments in Macbeth, and give you some tools to open those moments, and see all kinds of possibilities.

For the Auditions, please bring one Shakespeare monologue you know well, a minute or two in length, and we’ll meet in a group to play. Appropriateness to the role should not be a big consideration. We'll have fun, we'll learn something, and we'll get a head-start.

REHEARSALS begin July 23th weekdays, M-F 9-4pm

PERFORMANCES August 10, 11, 12(4 performances)

A rugged warrior, Macbeth, after squashing a rebellion against his king, receives a prophecy that he will become king himself. His wife eggs him on to kill the king in his sleep, which he does while the king and his retinue are visiting him at his castle. One calamity leads to another, both in the world and in the minds of the two Macbeths. By the end, they are both completely unhinged. Lady Macbeth kills herself while plagued by hallucinations, and Macbeth, who hasn’t been able to sleep for weeks, and who would now give up a hundred kingdoms for one good hour’s sleep, fights to the climactic death. What makes this play unusual, apart from the beauty of its telling, is that Macbeth tells us all along what is going on in his inner self, so we can feel his gradual decline during his rise and fall.

If you’d like to check out the wide range of what other artists have found in the play, we have gathered clips from different interpretations:

A quick animated overview of the play:

Five openings from different film adaptations:

Terrific clips and comments on the Michael Fassbender film:

Trailer, with clips, from Kurasawa’s Throne of Blood, his masterpiece adaptation:

Film scholar analysis of the major Macbeth films:

For more information:
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