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Senior Company Fall Play

Directed by Michael Trzos
For ages 13-19 tuition $450

AUDITIONS: June 14th 3:45-6:30pm

REHEARSALS Begin Monday, August 27th
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Fridays from 3:45-6:45pm
Extended hours during tech week.

PERFORMANCES: October 5 –  6 & 12 - 13.
Friday, October 6th 7pm
Saturday, October 7th 2pm & 7pm

Friday, October 12th 7pm
Saturday, October 14th 2pm & 7pm


SHE KILLS MONSTERS is a fantasy/adventure play following, Agnes, a high school English teacher as she navigates the world of Dungeons and Dragons for the very first time. Weaving in and out of reality and fantasy, Agnes must confront a personal tragedy, a finicky boyfriend, and fight to save her sister’s soul from a shape-shifting monster. In battling creepy demons and blobs of very skilled Jell-O molds, Agnes discovers the importance of friendship in a world that is not so friendly.  This comedic romp is loaded with stage combat, 90’s dance moves, and magic!  So, embrace your inner “nerd”—grab your capes, wands, dance skills, and let’s play Dungeons and Dragons!

PREPARE: one contemporary, 90 second comedic monologue

For more information, contact Michelle Meima
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (802) 246-NEYT (6398) Ext 101

TILLY EVANS: Female, 13-19
mid-teens; a lesbian tomboy and fantasy fanatic, nerdy, sarcastic, occasionally bullied and appears to Agnes after her death as a powerful level 20 Paladin.

AGNES EVANS: mid-20s, Tilly’s older sister, a high school teacher dealing with Tilly’s death, described as average and clueless to nerd culture. She eventually learns to embrace inner badass and lets her geek flag fly.

CHUCK: mid-20s, nerd with a grunge rock sensibility, runs a comic book store, grunge rocker roadie. As Dungeon Master he goes by "DM Biggs." Considers himself a ladies man.

MILES: mid-20s, Agnes’ boyfriend, average and occasionally confused. Has a temper. Agnes’ “long-term” boyfriend but hasn’t made the big leap. Also plays a mean gelatinous cube.

VERA: guidance counselor; Agnes’s friend at the high school. Foul mouthed and short tempered. She's not very good at her job.

LILITH: late teens; popular girl next door by day, heroic and sexy Demon Queen by night. Described as “the perfect combination of beauty and brawn.” Tilly’s in-game girlfriend.

KALIOPE: an athletic Dark Elf; sexy spell caster; described as “rocking lady hotness,” collected, older soul.

ORCUS: late teens; Overlord of the Underworld, a lazy demon that has given up defending his treasure in favor of watching TV and snacking on Easy Cheese.

STEVE: late teens; a nerdy adventurer, constantly finding himself getting killed in increasingly violent and humorous ways.

FARRAH: faerie that lives in a forest; petite, evil, homicidal, kind of a jerk.

EVIL GABBI & EVIL TINA: evil bully succubi winged cheerleaders with fangs. When at school, the same, minus the wings. Dance experience a plus. 

NARRATOR: She's not unlike Cate Blanchett in "The Lord of the Rings." In fact, very much like Cate Blanchett in Lord of the Rings. 

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