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NEYT’s Traveling Commedia Troupe presents: The Emperor’s New Clothes, written and directed by Rosa Palmeri with Jonny Flood. In the tradition of classic Commedia street theater, the company will perform this hilarious and timely adaptation throughout the region at various venues. Stay tuned for new dates as they are scheduled - you never know where and when these nomadic performers will show up next!

These are chilly times  my dear friends, and King Bibble is bored. He usually has a new bauble or trifle to hoard, Now not even the grandest fashion will charm him. Unless it’s fresh, hot, new, and without some synonym He won’t give it a glance. Cue Sylvester and Sydney, Swindlers so clever, they’ll steal your heart and your kidnye. They’ll make the king his fine robes, and make themselves some good monies Sewn from “invisible cloth”, unseen to all dummies. Come see for yourself -  King Bibbles new clothes!  Bring a friend! NEYT’s clowns reveal how it’s all gonna end.

Performs May 22 at NEYT at 7:00 pm.
and July 8 at Next Stage Arts in Putney, as a part of the Great River Theater Festival.

$5 donation suggested

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