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Eric Bass

Eric Bass

Eric has worked in the theatre as a director, playwright, performer and mask and puppet maker.  His first solo performance using puppets, Autumn Potraits, won the critics award at the International Puppetry Festival in Adelaide, Australia in 1983.  In 1982, Eric founded Sandglass Theatre in Munich, Germany, with his wife Zeller Bass, and they moved Sandglass to Vermont, in 1986.

  Sandglass Theatre is a widely loved ensemble theatre specializing in the use of puppets.  The comnpany holds an annual puppet theatre festival here in Brattleboro.

"Why do we work in theatre?  To develop a sense of what is honest, a respect for our fellow artists and audience, and to integrate so many parts of ourselves.  And, ah yes, to encourage our passions and feed our hungry souls."

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