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I remember my first NEYT experience, The Fantastiks, which saw a small cast help to rebuild a theater, and rifle through junk heap after junk heap (you guys remember just how bad it was at first) to find the pieces and parts that would make the show come to life.

For me, being part of the NEYT meant being part of a family.  I will always remember fondly the friends I made here, and all we accomplished together.

I love how the NEYT not only creates a great outlet for energetic kids, but also fosters true theater artists.  We especially appreciate that, as alumni, we are encouraged to come back and play together.

When I first came to the NEYT, my life changed.  Having a group of friends and mentors with such confidence, love, and trust for each other turned my perception of the world upside down – and I’m so glad because everything is much easier to laugh at and it’s all more beautiful than I could’ve hoped.

I traveled from up north to be part of NEYT and was instantly welcomed into a family of art-lovers and kindness-seekers.  Whether it was nervously holding Dory's hand in "Much Ado," rockin' the rave with my fellow fairies in "Midsummer", or lounging with cast mates in any of the little corners of the old theater in the Latchis, I felt loved and supported.

I found friends here, and a place where I could be myself and feel OK with it.  I didn’t have to worry about being alone.

I’m so proud of what this theater has done for this community and that I’ve been able to be a part of it.  We are all richer for having been involved with this program.

At first I was afraid...I was petrified...thinking I could never live without you by my side...but then I realized I could, when I joined the NEYT.  I made lots of friends, and they all lived happily ever after.

At NEYT I learned how to be confident, not just in pretending to be other people, but in being myself.

No perspective goes unacknowledged.  Everyone is granted a voice and an audience.  You are free to explore different veins of creative expression.  Together we learn the power of trust, encouragement, confidence, and humbleness.

I never did figure out where all those noses come from...

I still consider all of you my friends and colleagues in theater-ing.  Every time I come home to work with you all, I know I'm in for a treat, and that is perhaps the greatest legacy of the NEYT for me.

Stephen Stearns has created a second home for many kids, and for some it’s the first place they’ve ever really felt at home.  When I come back into town, the NEYT is a place I know I will always be welcome.

Being a part of the NEYT has made my life busier than I would have ever dreamed...but I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.

I measure much of my own growth with the growth of this theater.  What I have invested over the years has returned to me.  This is a space of transformation, inspiration, discovery, and support.  The next generations of NEYT actors: You are beautiful!

It's pretty rare to find a place that makes you feel immediately as if you've been there all along.  How wonderful to be able to take responsibility for our creative process and for the final result with amazing mentorship every step of the way.

Last night I opened for my first off-broadway show.  It was an awesome experience to see adults come together and bring a brand new show to life, and it reminded me of how time and again I had that feeling of fresh new beginnings at the NEYT.  NEYT was always a place that was re-inventing itself and not afraid to bring new life to even the most classic and time-honored plays.

The NEYT made us British feel completely at home as soon as we arrived in town.  The warmth of the people and the strength of the community is obvious in every show that I've seen; you can always tell that everyone's having a brilliant time. I'm really grateful for having had the chance to perform and work at the theatre.  Happy Birthday NEYT!

The alum show really was a thrill. The talent is simply awesome. I was forcing back tears seeing those incredibly vibrant young adults strut their stuff while being reminded of them doing the same as little ones.   --parent of an alumna

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