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Why Give?
The NEYT Development Office
Naomi Shafer, Director

While a production ends in the blink of an eye, after a flurry of last minute memorization, costume adjustment, and late-night painting, the rewards of participation last a lifetime.
I know from personal experience. As a nine-year old, I didn’t know that watching NEYT’s first play would shape my career, but I recognized the gift of laughter, commitment, and risk-taking. As a student, NEYT gave me roots to be a passionate, inquisitive collaborator. As a staff member, it gives me a place to put that passion into practice.
No monetary gift can match the rewards I continue to receive from NEYT.
So why do I give?
I give because for the past 14 years, NEYT has been the community I call home.
I give because ticket sales and tuition cover half our costs, though we work with 100% of ourselves.
I give because NEYT gives students an opportunity to take risks and expand their imaginations.
I hope you will join me in giving.
Together, we can nurture students’ creativity, challenge their limits and boost their confidence. Together, we make NEYT a reality. 


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