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All auditions take place at the New England Youth Theatre, 100 Flat
Street, Brattleboro, VT.  802-246-6398

If you cannot attend auditions – e.g. you live very far away – please send a video submission of one (or more) of the speeches AND a short song to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Auditions: Wednesday, March 4, 4pm – 6pm
Summer Musical
Director: Rebecca Waxman, Musical Director, Alli Lubin, Choreographer and Vocal Coach, Alisa Hauser
Ages: 12-19
Tuition: $500
Rehearsals: July 20 to August 7
Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm
Performances: Friday, Aug 7 through Saturday, Aug 15

Prepare a short Broadway style song (or part of a song) - one minute or less.
BRING THE SHEET MUSIC for accompaniment.

Pick up the packet of short scenes from the office so that you can prepare for readings of various characters or download the material here.

A BIG & BUSY CHORUS with room for all ages & skill levels
PENELOPE PENNYWISE The tough, jaded warden of the poorest, filthiest town urinal. She is Cladwell's one-time lover and mother to Hope who eventually softens her temper.
BOBBY STRONG The dashing, rebellious everyman who works for Miss Pennywise at the poorest, filthiest town urinal. He becomes an unsuspecting protagonist and romantic hero when he starts a revolution and falls in love with Hope Cladwell. JOSEPH "OLD MAN" STRONG Bobby's rebellious father. His refusal to pay the fee sends him to Urinetown, ultimately launching the revolution.
JOSEPHINE 'MA" STRONG Bobby's mother and Joseph's wife. A strong-willed woman with a bite, able to withstand the hard hand life has dealt her.
HOT BLADES HARRY One of the Poor, he is a psychopathic and can become a violent loose cannon.
LITTLE BECKY TWO-SHOES One of the Poor. She is foul-mouthed, impulsive, and accusatory.
SOUPY SUE One of the Poor, she is excitable and easily panicked.
TINY TOM One of the Poor, he is an idiotic man-child.
OFFICER LOCKSTOCK The tongue-in-cheek narrator of our story, he is a corrupt policeman who secretly kills off the guilty offenders. Bold, brash, and larger than life in many ways.
OFFICER BARREL Lockstock's patrol partner. A thuggish and aggressive policeman. LITTLE SALLY A precocious and irreverent street urchin. She serves as a quasi-narrator who often questions Lockstock and the play's logic.
CALDWELL B. CLADWELL The evil president and owner of the Urine Good Company. He is a miserly money-grubber who gleefully exploits the poor.
HOPE CLADWELL Cladwell's ravishingly beautiful daughter, torn between her father and her new love for Bobby. She begins as an innocent, naive angel but becomes vengeful and determined after being exposed to her father's evil.
SENATOR FIPP A greedy politician in Cladwell's pocket. A bumbling coward.
MR. MCQUEEN Cladwell's sycophantic lackey. A servile assistant.
DR. BILLEAUX Head of Research and Development at UGC.

Auditions: Sunday, March 15, 12pm and Monday, March 16, 4pm
Senior Shakespeare
The Tempest
Director: Peter Gould, Voice Intensive, Keely Eastley
Ages: 14-19
Tuition: $500
Rehearsals: June 22 to July 10
Monday through Friday 9am-3:30pm
Performances: Friday, July 10 to Sunday, July 12

Prepare a memorized Shakespeare speech of your choosing, between one and two minutes long. Peter and Keely will run the audition and work with each of you as they see fit.                 

From Peter. I wanted to make sure you know that I will be directing Senior Shakespeare this summer. Keely Eastley will run her voice intensive for all actors before we begin rehearsing. I have chosen to do the Tempest. It's a special play for me, as it was the first Shakespeare I performed in; I played the role of Caliban in the 1977 Monteverdi Artists outdoor production at Sweet Pond. If you did the "junior" Funnery Tempest in 2013, and you think, "I've already done that play," I'd ask you to please don't let that make you hesitate to come out. This will be my tenth time doing the play, and I am as excited as ever by its majesty, hilarity, music, magic, its constant newness. I already have some cool new staging ideas I'm anxious to try. I'm also thrilled to be directing Senior Shakespeare, as, I haven't done Senior for fifteen years, since I went off to teach at GIA and Craftsbury in the summers,  I'm REALLY looking forward to working with all of you. Hope to see you at the audition! Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions. If you can't make the two scheduled audition times, you'll have to get in touch with me to make a special arrangement.

June 15 Group Audition Notice
This year for the first time ever on June 15th beginning at 3:30pm NEYT will be conducting group auditions for three shows: Our Town, Clown Town, and The Wizard of Oz

Students ages 9 to 12 will audition for any or all the shows they choose from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.
Students ages 13 to 19 will audition for any or all the shows they choose from 6pm until 9pm.

Our Town
Sept 1 to Oct 18
Director: Jane Baker
Ages: 13-19
Tuition: $450
Rehearsals: Sept 1 to Oct 9
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 4pm to 6:45pm
For Our Town please prepare:
-    a 1 minute monologue from a 20th century American play

Our Town, by Thorton Wilder, is neither a comedy nor a tragedy, neither a romance nor a farce. It is, rather, a contemplative work concerning the human experience that takes place in Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire from 1901 through 1913.  Although at first glance the play feels simple it actually addresses huge issues.
In it, the characters constantly struggle to realize that the eternal exists even within ordinary events

Please consider auditioning for this play if you are ready to work hard, play hard and take on the challenges that a complex play like this demands.

I was in this play in high school and I can tell you it will change how you look at life. For reals.
Act I takes place on May 7, 1901;
Act II takes place on July 7, 1904, with a flashback to approximately one year earlier;
Act III takes place in the summer of 1913, with a flashback to February 11, 1899

Clown Town
Sept 1 to Nov 8
Ages: 9 to 19
Tuition: $450
Rehearsals begin September 8
Directors: Stephen Stearns and Doran Hamm
For Clown Town be prepared to come and have fun and enjoy the bonds of Comedy, Love and Laughter with your devoted clown servants Stephen and Dory.

This year we will create a brand new original comedy; Clown Town. Our ideas for the play will take root in the “soil” of the great comedy masters of the past, from Charlie Chaplin to Mr. Bean. The root of our work will be
clown. What is clown? It is not red hair, big shoes and a flower that squirts water in your eye. It is not tying balloons. It is not walking on stilts. It may include a bit of all of those, but clown is a way of living. It is a way of being. It is a way of seeing the world. A clown, your personal clown, maybe either an innocent baby, or a monster, or both at different times. A clown can be generous or selfish, naive or a clever trickster. The clown lives in an upside down world where nothing is good or bad, just interesting. For the clown, everything is new and wants to be explored, to be tested, to be changed and rearranged. Clowning is the real world around us when everything goes wrong, or right in the unexpected ways imaginable. Our new show will begin with classes where we will explore comedy and the roots of clowning. From those classes, you will learn all the “tricks of the clown’s comedy trade” and create your own personal clown character and costume. From there, as an ensemble company of actor / clowns, we will develop situations with funny conflicts that lead us into hysterics. We will take the best of those comedy experiments and glue them together into a play that has a beginning, a middle, and an end, and the end will be our show, “Clown Town”. It is sure to include lots and lots of audience laughter and applause. And will we get the pie in the face and slip on the old banana peel? You bet ‘cha!

The Wizard of Oz
Oct 26 to Dec 13
Director: Alisa Hauser
Ages: 9-19
Tuition: $500
Rehearsals: October 26 to December 3
For Wizard of Oz please prepare:
- monologue optional for Wizard of Oz
- 16 bars from a Musical Theatre song. No pop or rock. Bring sheet music.
There will be an accompanist.
-    You will also be asked to learn a short dance combination.

You’ve seen the movie, now YOU can be a part of bringing your favorite characters to life on the NEYT stage! All your favorite songs, high energy dances, and a timeless story filled with adventure and heart. Follow the yellow brick road to what is sure to be a show to remember. You will be singing, dancing, acting and, like Dorothy, you are sure to make some new friends along the way.

Dorothy Gale
Glinda (doubles as Aunt Em/Emily Gale)
Scarecrow (doubles as Hunk — a farmhand)
Tinman (doubles as Hickory — a farmhand)
Lion (doubles as Zeke — a farmhand)
Guard (doubles as Uncle Henry/Henry Gale)
Miss Almira Gulch (doubles as Wicked Witch of the West) - this is a non-singing role
Professor Chester Marvel (doubles as Wizard of Oz) - this is a non-singing role

Ensemble parts include:
Three Crows, Three Trees, Ozians, Jitterbugs, Beauticians, Manicurists, Nikko — commander of monkeys, Winkies, Toto, Munchkins including: Munchkin Mayor, Munchkin Coroner, Munchkin Fiddler

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