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To read "About Auditons" click here.

For information on "How to Prepare" for auditions click here.

All auditions take place at the New England Youth Theatre, 100 Flat
Street, Brattleboro, VT.  802-246-6398

If you cannot attend auditions – e.g. you live very far away – please send a video submission of one (or more) of the speeches AND a short song to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Campalot and the Knights of the Square Table
Written and directed by Peter Gould 

Ages 9-12
Tuition: $450
AUDITIONS: Wednesday, November 16 from 3:45-5pm
In the fun tradition of recent NEYT Peter projects, "Robin Hood" and "Treasure Island," we will create a new imaginative version of the famous tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Stringing several of them together, we'll especially look at how the ancient Druid magic translates to today, and how the Quests for the Secret of the Green Knight, and for the Holy Grail, can make great opportunities for cool physical comedy and zany word play.
Please learn a one or two minute speech or poem for the audition, especially something that harks back to tournaments, jousting, sword play, knights, and ladies. And, speaking of ladies, this new version will focus on Camelot through a female lens! Come work under the Sign of the Four with Peter! (Heart/Mind/Body/Voice)
REHEARSALS  beginning January 3.  Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Extended rehearsals Tech. week; February 6-10.



THE HOT L BALTIMORE by Lanford Wilson
Directed by Hallie Flower

Ages 13-19
Tuition $450

AUDITIONS: November 13th 12-2:30 pm

"For me, 'The Hot L Baltimore' is a play about losers refusing to lose.  To me they're brave people. They are survivors." 
Playwright Lanford Wilson explaining his characters.

The Hotel Baltimore used to be the swankiest place in town—now it has a date with the wrecking ball. Eviction notices just went out to its residents, who live on the fringes of society and call the once elegant; now tarnished hotel home. This acclaimed play from author Lanford Wilson (set in 1973) is filled with everyday humanity—unexpectedly intimate and moving. The Hot L Baltimore reveals the lives of an unconventional community about to be set adrift once more.

Please come prepared with a brief (less than 2 minute) monologue from a contemporary play or novel.

REHEARSALS: Begin February 13
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays
Fridays beginning March 3
Saturday, March 25
Extended rehearsals during Tech. week

PERFORMANCES: April 7-9 and 14-15
For questions & more information contact the director at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland Jr.   
Ages 9-19
Tuition: $500
Rehearsals begin March 20th
Performances: May 5-7 and 12-14.

Come sing and dance in a fully produced one-act musical!

Audition: November 13 from 3-5:30pm

Please prepare a short song (16-32 measures) from any musical of your choosing.  Be sure to bring the music along. Be ready to move! We will do a short dance combination and read a brief speech from the play.

Call 802-246-6398 ext. 101 or 102 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.


For ages 9-13 tuition $450
Directed by Stephen Stearns with Chris Yerlig & Bill Forchion

The clowns are back in town for CLOWN TOWN 2016!
Come explore clown, mime, and physical comedy with NEYT founder and Clown of the first order, Stephen Stearns.

This year we ask: What happens on a typical day in the Clown Factory? We will explore the roots of clowning and comedy - and put on our own show! You will learn the "tricks of the clown's trade" and become and ensemble of clowns!

Come ready to move, have fun, watch, listen, and be willing to try new things!  Make up & rehearse up to a 30 second speech about why you love, or think you will love, acting, and perform your speech as a zany, eccentric, unusual person who is pretty much unlike who you are in real life. This will do very well to have lots of physicality in it, such as an unusual and interesting walk, body posture, hand and arm movements, and so on. Be inventive and have fun with it. Come to the audition ready to take off your shoes, let your "hair down", and dare to look and be silly. We are all silly at times, and the "Clown Town" audition is a great time for all of us to have massive fun, and to look silly! And that means me, Uncle Stevie, too!!  :O)

REHEARSALS: Begin Monday, September 12th
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 3:45-6:30 & some Saturdays
Extended hours during tech week.

Friday, October 28th 7pm
Saturday, October 29th 2pm & 7pm
Sunday, October 30th 2pm

Friday, November 4th 7pm
Saturday, November 5th 2pm & 7pm
Sunday, November 6th 2pm


For ages 9-19 tuition $550
Directed by Hallie Flower

AUDITIONS: Sunday, June 5th 12-4:30pm
Junior Company 12 -2pm (dance call at 12)
Senior Company 2-4:30pm (dance call @ 2)
Callbacks, Monday, June 13th

“Anything can happen if you let it…”

Mary Poppins is the story of the Banks family who live in a big house in London on Cherry Tree Lane. Things are not going well for the family – The parents are at distant odds and the children are out of control and in need of a new nanny. Jane and Michael have their own ideas about what sort of caretaker they should have, while their father is insistent on someone strict for the job. When a mysterious young woman named Mary Poppins appears at their doorstep, the family finds that she’s the answer to their prayers, but in the most peculiar way. Mary Poppins takes the children on many magical and memorable adventures, but Jane and Michael aren’t the only ones she has a profound effect upon. Even grown-ups can learn a lesson or two from the nanny who advises that “anything can happen if you let it.”

FAMILY MEETING: October 10th 6:30-8pm

REHEARSALS: Begin October 11th 3:45-6:45pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday with some Saturdays
Most actors will be called 3-4x a week
Extended hours during tech week

Thursday, December 8th 7pm
Friday, December 9th 7pm
Saturday, December 10th 2pm & 7pm
Sunday, December 11th 2pm

Thursday, December 15th 7pm
Friday, December 16th 7pm
Saturday, December 17th 2pm & 7pm
Sunday, December 18th 2pm



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