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To read Theater Tips: Audition to Post Show Blues click here.

All auditions take place at the New England Youth Theatre, 100 Flat
Street, Brattleboro, VT.  802-246-6398

Winnie the Pooh
Directed by Jane Baker
Audition on September 6th 1:00 - 3:00 at the New England Youth Theatre

Ages 9-12
Rehearsals begin September 23rd
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 4:00-6:00

No need to memorize anything but if you have a favorite character from
Winnie the Pooh feel free to prepare a few sentences to show us in the
character you choose.  We will play games, improvise and all will get a
chance to say what they would like to play or what size role they are
comfortable with.

The Sound Of Music Audition Notice:

About the Play: The “Sound Of Music” takes place just at the beginning of
World War II, at the time when Hitler and the German Army moved in and
took over neighboring Austria. Captain von Trapp,, a wealthy navy captain,
is requested to assume command of a German war ship and join the German
Navy. He refuses, which puts him in hot water with the German Command. His
children have been left in the care of several governesses over the past
few years while father is away. A young Catholic girl, who plans to become
a nun, accepts the job as the children’s new governess. After trying to
destroy her, the children fall in love with her and her music. Gradually
Captain von Trapp falls in love with Maria’s music and, eventually her as
well. At the play’s end the family must flee the German soldiers by
crossing the Austrian Alps on foot.

Auditions for The Sound of Music at NEYT, 100 Flat St. Brattleboro, will
be held on Saturday afternoon, September 13th. From 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM for
all younger actors auditioning for the children’s parts. From 5:30 to 9:30
PM actors age 13 to 19 will audition for the older character parts.

The characters in the play are:
Maria Rainer, a postulant at Nonnberg Abbey
Captain Georg von Trapp
Max Detweiler, Captain von Trapp's friend, a music agent and producer
The Mother Abbess, the head of Nonnberg Abbey
Elsa Schrader, "wealthy and sophisticated" and Captain von Trapp's
would-be fiancée
Rolf Gruber, the 17-year-old Nazi delivery boy who is in love with Liesl
Sister Bertha, the Mistress of Novices
Sister Margareta, the Mistress of Postulants
Sister Sophia, a sister at the Abbey
Franz, Captain von Trapp's butler
Frau Schmidt, Captain von Trapp's housekeeper
Herr Zeller
Baron Elberfeld
A New Postulant
Admiral von Schreiber
Neighbors of Captain von Trapp, nuns, novices, postulants and contestants
at the Festival Concert
The Children:
Liesl von Trapp, age 16
Friedrich von Trapp, age 14
Louisa von Trapp, age 13
Kurt von Trapp, age 11
Brigitta von Trapp, age 10
Marta von Trapp, age 7
Gretl von Trapp, age 5

To Audition you do NOT need a monologue or dance routine. You DO NEED to
prepare one verse and one chorus of a song from the show listed below (IE:
specific to the characters listed)

SONG SELECTIONS FOR YOU TO PREPARE. Choose a character from the show that
you fancy playing and then prepare a verse and a chorus from the song
listed below beside their name.
NOTE: You can learn each of the songs listed by typing their name into
YouTube and listening.

1. For the Von Trapp Children (Louisa, Brigitta, Marta, Gretl, Friedrich,
Kurt) sing - DO-RE-MI
2. For Liesl and Rolf sing - SIXTEEN GOING ON SEVENTEEN
3. For Captain Von Trapp sing - EDELWEISS
4. For Berthe, Sister Sophia, Sister Margaretta sing – “MARIA” (AKA: “How
Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria”)
5. For Elsa and Max sing - HOW CAN LOVE SURVIVE
6. Everyone wishing to act in the Ensemble sing - THE SOUND OF MUSIC
7. The part of Maria is pre-cast and will be played by Kristina Meima
8. The part of the Mother Abbess has been pre cast and will be played by
Casey Greenleaf


Playboy of the Western World

Senior NEYT actors:  Auditions for the famous Irish comedy "Playboy of the
Western World," directed by Peter Gould and scheduled for this fall, will
take place on Monday June 2, at 4:00. Spread the word: this play is
awesome--the most influential Irish play of all time; it premiered in
Dublin in 1907, causing riots in the audience and head-banging on the
street. It will be a small ensemble in a gorgeous box set with wonderful
word play, and theme music to remember your whole life. Come out and bring
a short piece from any Irish play or story. Learn your
minute-or-two-minute piece by heart, or read it well, we will hold a
mutually-supportive audition, and we'll form a troupe to take much delight
in, come September!    --Peter








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