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Into the Woods

Into the Woods

By Written Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine
Directed by Micheal Trzos
Musical Director Mary Sugar

Sponsored by Hazel Restaurant, The Richards Group, Trust Company of Vermont, Phillips, Dunn, Shriver & Carroll

Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Bean Stalk and Cinderella. These are just some of the cherished fairy tale characters we knew as children--hopeful as they ventured into the forest to find happiness in the ever after...But what happens when you've finished that last page and the book closes? Stephen Sondheim's and James Lapine’s Into the Woods prowl's through our beloved fairy tales with a modern twist. Whimsically following the trails of unlikely friends to find light in the darkest of forests.
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Melodrama I

Melodrama Festival One

Sponsored by Howard Printing

A Story Familiar
Written by Natalie Rich and Dylan Frederick
Directed by Jay Gelter and Henry Weisel

Witness madness and mayhem as the British Hillside Players come together for the first time! Observe them both on and offstage! Actors will fall or fly as the pressure of opening night is upon them. There will be dramatic drama! Dancing! Singing! Accents! Even a somersault! You will laugh! You will cry! Maybe even applaud! All this and more is 100% guaranteed in this hysterical, highly physical, rollicking melodrama.

Face Time: A Pop-o-drama
Written and directed Maia Gilmour and Casey Greenleaf

What do you picture when you think about the future? In the pop-o-drama 'Face-Time' a future exists where almost nobody is old enough to remember the world we live in today.
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