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Clowns in a Joke Factory

Created and Directed by Stephen Stearns, Bill Forchion and Chris Yerlig, with Tom Yahner, Amy Majer, Maria Pugnetti and Kali Quinn.

Three clowns, fresh graduates from clown school, contemplate their existential dilemma! No work, and heavy school loans to pay off. What to do? Enter the unexpected: the "Acme Toy, Game and Joke Factory” is hiring. Ta Da! In a blink, this trio of goof-offs are trapped in an upside down world where nothing is as it seems and every action produces the least expected reaction. Their schooling gave them clown tools, but nothing to cope with a real-life clown factory where the normal is always anything but normal, and every path is blocked by a sign that says, “you can’t get there from here!”
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Mentor Melodrama

The Last, Last, Last, Last Will

Written and directed by Jane Baker and Sandy Klein

With the aid of her best friend Lady Bea Plottin, and the servants of the newly deceased Lord Nottoolong, Lady Marion Kind must thwart her father’s wishes that she be married in order to receive her rightful inheritance. The evil Uncle Lord Barron Fields stands to inherit everything and become guardian to Marion if she does not marry, and marry quickly!

Performance: Friday, October 21 at 7pm
Tickets: $10 sold only at the door (and free cookies!)

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