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Unrehearsed Shakespeare: Comedy of Errors
Alumni Production
Opens January 2nd

Princess Willow & The Thieves
Town School's Theatre
Opens Jan 22nd

Jungle Book
Opens February 12th

The Blind King & The Sleeping Queen
Opens April 8th

Theatre Adventure Thursday Troupe
Opens April 14th

Alice in Wonderland
Theatre Adventure Wednesday Troupe
May 19th

Town School's Theatre production
Opens May 23rd

Spring Mentor Cabaret
Opens May 27th

Alumni Gala
June 4th

Melodrama Festival I
July 1st

Into The Woods
July 8th

Get Thee to the Funnery
July TBA

Melodrama Festival II
July 11th

Circus Minimus
July 30th

The Three Sisters
Opens August 12th

Six Characters in Search of An Author
Opens October 7th

Mentor Cabaret
October 22nd

Clown Town
October 28th

Mary Poppins
December 8th


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