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May Award 2014

2014 May Award
NEYT, June 5, 2014

The May Awards Committee of NEYT is proud and happy to announce that the 2014 recipient  of this award is Emily Seymour.  This fine actress will be familiar to NEYT audiences for her outstanding performances in  Guys and Dolls, The Children’s Hour, Godspell, Merchant of Venice, and many more notable productions. She starred in the 2013 full-length independent film Only Daughter, which won Best Film award at the Orlando Film Festival, in which she also won Best Actor in Festival, beating, among others, Hollywood’s Danny Glover. Emily is in the final stretch of a full-time conservatory study at the Atlantic Acting School, in New York .  She will be building on the success she has already achieved in upcoming film and theater projects, and continued teaching opportunities, like directing a melodrama with NEYT youngsters in the summer of 2014.
The May Awards are provided through the generosity of an anonymous donor, in the amount of two -$10,000, or one $20,000 awards.  The stated intention of the award is to recognize NEYT graduates who, in the carefully considered opinion of the Committee, will succeed in their chosen field of acting, directing, designing, or other facets of theater, television, or film arts. With this success, it is hoped that they will give back to NEYT with their time, talents, and, hopefully, financial support.
 Eligibility starts with graduating seniors, and continues right through the student’s graduate and postgraduate education, as long as the student is still fulfilling the requirements set forth by the Committee. The prize may be awarded once or multiple times to the same actor or technical student.
 The Committee once again wishes to thank our donors for their enormous generosity and farsightedness.  They have the vision and courage to see that NEYT will best survive if it can renew itself through its successful students going out into the world, and spreading the word about the values of youth theater, and seeing the value of supporting NEYT, which has helped to bring  them to this point in their lives.

Submitted by Rick Barron

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