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Allie NEYT


When asked to write a history of myself at the New England Youth Theatre I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to convey in a page the impact that it has had on my life. That may sound overly dramatic (we are, after all, actors), but NEYT really has been more then just a place where I get up on a box and recite lines. It’s become a second home, complete with a huge new family.

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Allison - NEYT


Hi, my name is Allison. I'm fifteen years old I am madly in love with the New England Youth Theatre! I first became a part of it when I auditioned for The Court Jester when I was twelve. My life has truely changed a lot since then. I've learned to come out of my shell and I've gained lots of confidence... I only have NEYT to thank for that! I've made many, many close friends that I'll always cherish. Everybody here is like one gigantic family I couldn't imagine a life without them.

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Andrew - NEYT


After I finished the operation on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, I returned to my quaint Spanish villa for a time of repose and healing from that hair raising safari. I tried to readjust to my old life of musty copies of Cervantes and Neruda, clementinas for breakfast and the occasional Flamenco, but failed, oh how I failed. I had been profoundly changed, and could never again go back to the vain and materialistic existence I once led. My days as child genius and secret agent extraordinaire were over. I had turned 14, and so was beggining the transition out of childhood, my missions had hindered my schooling leaving me much less of a prodigy, and an encounter with a 5 meter eel left me unable to perform the backflips and roundhouse kicks that were such a trademark of my work. 


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Anna B. - NEYT

Anna B.

I love NEYT because I am learning about acting. Sometimes when I am watching a play at NEYT, I forget that I'm in the theatre because the plays are so realistic. I feel like I'm watching real life through a window. So far I have taken three acting classes and have been part of three productions. I played the part of Gretl in the "Sound of Music," Dec. 2005, Tina in "Little Women," April, 2006, and as an orphan in "Oliver," Dec. 2006. My favorite show was the "Sound of Music." I loved the party scene. 


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Aurora - NEYT


I was eight years old when I saw The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at New England Youth Theatre (NEYT). When I saw that show, I thought to myself, "This is what I want to do." The kids were so vibrant and exciting! I wanted to act! I waited until two years later, when I was 10, to try out for my first show-one that Stephen Stearns and Peter Amidon wrote called Princess Willow and the King of Thieves. The audition process was a little overwhelming, and I'll admit I was soooo nervous. I didn't get in, but I got a wonderful phone call from Stephen, who told me I should maybe take a class and that I should definitely continue at NEYT.

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Austin - NEYt


The first play I ever performed in was when I was six years old.  I was an extra in the Wizard of Oz at Leland and Gray High School.  It was a lot of work, but I knew then that I loved acting.  Then my mom heard about the NEYT and she asked me if I wanted to take a class there.  I said yes.  It was the greatest experience in my life!  The next summer I did a Melodrama camp called Flora of the Flower Shop.  That time I got a bigger part.  

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Ben L - NEYT

Ben L.

Hello, My name is Ben and I am a freshman at BUHS. I first discovered NEYT when my mom showed me an article in the paper about auditions for Jack and the Devil's 3 Golden Hairs. I was intrigued, so I went to the audition with no prior acting experience, and I got cast as the Devil. I have been in 12 shows since then, including Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Love's Labour's Lost, Buried Child, and Anthony and Cleopatra. 

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Camila - NEYT


My name is Camila and I am 17 years old.

I have just recently started being involved with neyt and became quite hooked!  I have done 2 shows so far, but My Fair Lady will be my third.

Shows i've been in:
Pajama Game (I played Virginia in the chorus)
Fiddler on the Roof (Golde)

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Casey - NEYT


My name is Casey and I have been in eight shows at NEYT. It all started when I was nine. My mom said that there was an audition for The Blind King And The Sleeping Queen, and all I had to do was show up. I was hesitant, but ended up going anyway. I was so nervous that I shook. Later on I received the email with the cast list and I had been cast. This was the beginning of one of the best things that ever happened to me. 

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Chloe - NEYT


Hello hello hello! Im Chloe an I am now 14 years old! I haven't been in as many plays as many of the kids on here but I do LOVE the theater! I was a hot box girl in Guys and Dolls (which was my first play at NEYT, which was in 2007), Maria in one scene and a Shark girl in the rest of West Side Story, and the Queen of Hearts in All About Allice. All of these plays happen to be musicals because I love to sing! Along with making ceramics, running, belly dancing, jazz dancing, and salsa dancing. 

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Clark - NEYT


As a matter of fact, Mr. Clark actually never had the time to write a bio page. Poor Clark. So instead, let me treat you to a textual excerpt from The Summa Theologica, by St. Thomas Aquinas, Pt. II of Pt. II, "The Supplement to the Treatise on Active and Contemplative Life, QUESTION XXII. 'Of the precepts relating to hope and fear (In Two Articles).'" Woohoo! In exchange for this brief selection of scholastic theology, I would suggest glancing up at Clark's pictures after every paragraph. Enjoy!

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Cleo - NEYT


Hello, my name is Cleo, and I am 14 years old. I have been at NEYT since the summer I turned 10, when I first walked nervously into the building to perform in the Melodrama Camp performance of Treasure Island. I wanted the smallest part possible, and when I found out the shocking truth, that I was Jim Hawkins, I was terrified. But not for long. One week and I was hooked. Since that day, I have been in The Music Man as Irma Hix, Deadwood Dick as Molly Loveless, King Stag as Brighella, Winnie the Pooh as Fox, The Miracle Worker as Martha and the young Annie Sullivan, and Blind King Sleeping Queen as Princess Johanna of Spain. My favorite play out of all of these is The Miracle Worker, but my favorite role was Molly Loveless in Deadwood Dick. 


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Emily C. - NEYT

Emily C.

Hi my name is Emily, I started my NEYT career at the age of nine at Melodrama Camp. The play I was in was, Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen. There was one character called Snoot, I wanted to be him so bad, that by the end of the first day of camp, I knew almost all his lines by heart! The second play I was in was Deadwood Dick, (also a Melodrama Camp performance) I played the part of Pong Ping, a little Chinese cook during the gold rush days, at a saloon. 

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Emily S. - NEYT

Emily S.

Hi, my name is Emily and I'm a die-hard neyter since I was nine or ten. NEYT made up most (the best parts) of my childhood and is now making up a good part of my adolescence. I could talk about how the friends I've made and experiences I've experienced have changed my life and made me a happier human (which is the truth) but instead of that I say: do a play! Take a class! Join us! Hurrah!

Some of the plays I've been in (hopefully in recent to distant order) are...

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Emma - NEYT


I used to be unable to articulate why it is I act. People always ask me what it is that draws me to it, and all I could say was “I like it.”

But over the years, as I’ve begun to get parts that require a higher level of depth and focus, I’ve gained an understanding of my relationship with acting. I love being in someone else's shoes, complete with their inner most thoughts, the clothes they wear, and the people in their life. There’s something incredibly powerful in feeling as though you control this person. In the space of that play you are one with them; you feel what they feel, and you lose what they lose. It can be a dangerous thing stepping into someone else mind. I’ve only just begun to discover that.

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Genna - NEYT



The cries and yowls of chaos; the couch, thick with peanut butter; children leaping on top of one another in fits of competitive tackling; girls gingerly applying lipstick; boys in battles of comedic wit... There is never an empty moment in NEYT. Nor a quiet moment. Nor a dull moment. If you think the shows take place on the stage alone, you are sorely mistaken, my friend. Just stepping into the Green Room, one can be certain that a spectacle awaits.

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Hayden - NEYT


My name is Hayden. I am 13 years old, and I began acting with the New England Youth Theatre in the summer of 2005, when I was 12 years old, with the Melodrama Camp. Although I didn't get a chance to continue acting until a whole year later, in the Melodrama of 2006, I was greatly excited by the new potential that the Theatre provided for me, with all of its possible classes and shows. Since my first show, I have been involved in the six following performances: Deadwood Dick, Murder By Indecision, Love's Labours Lost (as a costumer), The Miracle Worker(which I stage managed, as well as had a small role in), Oliver(which again I returned to costume), The Blind King and the Sleeping Queen, and Scapin(as stage manager). 

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Ian - NEYT


Ian Mahoney is 17 years old and lives in Marlboro, Vermont. His favorite activities include playing video games, spending time with his friends, and (of course) acting. He also enjoys fencing (though he isn't very good at it) and rock climbing (which he also isn't very good at). He has been acting at NEYT since he was about 10 years old and has been in upwards of 30 plays since then.

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Lyla - NEYT


Why I Love The NEYT

The moment I entered the theatre I knew I wasn't going any where. It is my second home. All the smells, sounds, the over flowing costume room, and the lights shining down on my face, warm and loving. But most of all I feel safe and content with the people. All my friends dancing through life beside me. If I were to describe what I felt for everyone, this would be twenty pages long, and my fingers would hurt! So I just want to say that there is a warmth that everyone gives out and everyone is here for each other. Acting in general gives me warmth and I feel as thougth I'm soreing through the air.

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Jacob K - NEYT

Jacob K.

Hi. My name is Jacob Knapp. I have been acting since I was 5.  I began working with the New England Youth Theater in 2002 just after completing third grade. My first play with NEYT was The Emperor's New Clothes. Although I had no lines I just loved being onstage.  

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Jacob L - NEYT

Jacob L.

Jacob has been delighting audiences in NEYT shows for five years now.  Recently he costarred with Ian Mahoney in Stones in his Pockets, and played the role of Bill Sykes in Oliver!.  Other roles include Christy in Playboy of the Western World, John Silver in Treasure Island and Enobarbus in Antony and Cleopatra.  The summer of 2006 was Jacob's first time directing for NEYT.

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Jason - NEYT


Hi, my name is Jason. NEYT is the greatest place! I have been performing here since I was nine. I just can’t wait to start a new show. It is great to be with other young actors just like me. The first show I performed in was “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp”.  I was a little nervous, but once the audience applauded, I new the theater was where I belonged. I have been in many other shows such as “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, “Cinderella and the Ball Game”, “Jack and the Three Golden Hairs”, “Affair of the Arts”, “Picture Turned to the Wall”, “Quality of Mercy”, “Fiddler on the Roof” and “Hecuba”. I am now beginning voice and dance lessons to improve my technique. Out of all the different shows, my favorite is comedy because I like making people laugh.

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Jesse - NEYT


Hi, my name is Jesse. I started working with N.E Y.T. in 2004, when I had my first improv class and I loved it! A year later, i was in my first show: Princess Willow and the King of Theives since then I'v been in Sound of Music, Winnie the Pooh and I'm currently in Oliver. I've taken two improv classes which at the end it hurts to smile because you've been laughing so hard, and acting 101 and 201. N.E.Y.T. is such a great experiance because you get to learn alot on how to act and have tons of fun, you also get to meet alot of new people. N.E.Y.T gives you a chance to be yourself, have fun, be a character and just goof off! At N.E.Y.T. once you start, you never want to stop, so watch out!

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Juliana - NEYT



The shows i have been in..

  1. Charlottes Web.
  2. Court Jester.
  3. Blind King Sleeping Queen.
  4. Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen
  5. Music man
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I think I was born to act and sing and dance. I love being on stage and I sing in a church choir and at school too. I dance ballet and tap, too, and figure skate. The NEYT is the best. It's where I can bring all these things together and feel like a pro! And have fun with my friends. Actually, I was born in Sweden, and moved here with my family when I was seven.

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Louisa - NEYT


NEYT is one of the most wonderful parts of my life. I have taken classes there for years, but started my serious relationship with the theater in 2009. I’ve been watching plays there as long as I can remember, and they have almost always taken my breath away. Being involved within NEYT is completely another thing. I have often found myself lost in this crazy world of school and everything else, but when I started at this theater I had a “family” I could turn too. The thing about NEYT is everyone there has a common interest and therefore something to talk about. Having so many people to talk to sparked my relationships with many of my current friends.

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Maeve - NEYT


Hi, my name is Maeve, and NEYT is one of my personal favorite places to be. I have done three shows at the youth theater and loved them all; I couldn’t say what my favorite one was. I have been in Midsummer’s Pirates Dream, Emperor’s New Clothes, All about Alice, and am currently in Just So Stories. I have always loved acting ever since I was old enough to know what the word meant, and NEYT has made acting more of a possibility. 

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Marissa - NEYT


It was the year 2010, I was 9 years old. Sitting on NEYT's stage for the first time. My fellow TAP members were there with me behind the closed curtain. My feelings? Terror. When the curtain opened and I saw the audience with all those beady little eyes staring at us. I wanted to run off stage crying. Then Darlene was there supporting me to say my first lines. Working with my friends and classmates made me relax enough to enjoy the show. I wanted to try it again.

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Molly - NEYT


I started acting at NEYT when I was 10. My mom told me that they were doing “Winnie the Pooh” at the children’s theater. I had never really been in a play before, but I knew that Winnie the Pooh was a fun story so I decided to audition. I ended up getting the part of Roo, which was a pretty big part (considering it was my first play). I remember being really excited when I found out that I got that part. From then on, I auditioned for every play I could at the theater - I was hooked!

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Moriah - NEYT


Hi. I'm Moriah, and I have been with NEYT for six years now. I moved to Brattleboro in the summer before sixth grade, and auditioned for my first show that January. From then on, NEYT has been a huge part of my life. This incredible place has provided me with invaluable training in the theater arts. I have studied Shakespeare, scene work, monologues, dance, singing and improv comedy. I have also had the opportunity to stage manage, costume, teach classes and co-direct plays. We are all treated as professionals here, and I feel that I have been so prepared for the further study and performance of acting that I wish to pursue. But am also so grateful for the other skills NEYT has gifted me with. Through the work of countless productions and classes, I have not only learned such life skills as time management and organization, but also gained a deeper understanding of empathy, collaboration, patience, listening, bravery and honesty.

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Rachel - NEYT


Mobs of hungry kids speeding down the streets drenched in stage makeup

Playing the famous games in the summertime as our bare feet dig into the green grass

Hairspray permanently inhaled into our systems

The art of fives

Lipstick that never fades

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Sara - NEYT


"All life is an experiment." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

My name's Sara and thanks for checking out this page. I enjoy taking walks, drinking tea, reading, writing, and being silly.

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Sarah - NEYT


(Disclaimer: Sarah is not as funny as Clark, so her bio will not make you laugh as hard as his.) Sarah first came to NEYT through an acting class with Stephen. Instantly, she met people that were so cool, and so giving and so genuine. That is what she loves most about coming to the theater: the warmness and sense of community. NEYT has become home to many of Sarah's friends, and though she is not around as much as she would like to, she loves that every time she walks through the door she is accepted. 

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Sean K - NEYT

Sean K.

My Name is Sean K., I'm 15, I attend Fall Mountain High School, and I can't get enough of NEYT. My first experience at NEYT was when I tried out for Comedy of Errors in the 6th grade. During the course of that show, I became hooked. I had never experienced the level of instruction or professionalism in any other theater. Since then, I have taken a variety of classes to help me in the shows. I also participated in Actour.

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Shannon - NEYT


I'm Shannon and I have been doing shows at the NEYT for 6 years. I have been a part of 15 plays so far and I hope to be a part of many more. My favorite part so far has been Kate Keller in The Miracle Worker. We all got very close during that show, and I really enjoyed learning about the story and the characters involved.

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Shoshana Bass- alumni


  Shoshi grew up in a family of performers. Her parents Eric and Ines Zeller Bass are world class puppeteers and the founders of the Sandglass theater in Putney, VT. With them Shoshi traveled all over the globe: Europe, South America, Asia…. while attending a Montessori school that encouraged her to record her observations of culture in touring journals.

  The New England Youth Theater was a major touchstone for Shoshi in those years as she returned home between tours. She was in the first version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and was in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown twice, first as Linus then as Lucy. She was in Much Ado About Nothing and the Crucible and finally played Cleopatra in Antony and Cleopatra in her senior year.
 Shoshi is known best to most of us as an accomplished dancer. She studied at the Brattleboro School of Dance and with Shannon McGoff through the BUHS career center program. In 2006 she traveled to Senegal to study African dance and in 2007 to New York to study classical Indian dance. She often contributes dance, musical and comedy routines to NEYT cabarets.

 Stephen Stearns, as artistic director at NEYT, recognized her potential early as a dance teacher and choreographer and gave her the chance to choreograph the Music Man in 2004, a show that was a tremendous success. At NEYT she also choreographed Oliver, The Best of Broadway summer shows in 2006 and 2007, Guys and Dolls in 2007 and West Side Story in 2008 as well as helping Peter Gould in directing The Jungle Book. Shoshi says she enjoys working with untrained dancers and the challenge of adjusting her teaching to different learning styles. While at work with students, Shoshi is very calm, clear and precise, but also sympathetic, and attentive in a style that exudes enthusiasm and joy in the work. Students pay attention and enjoy working with her so she always gets the best from them.

  Shoshi spent a year at Mills, a college in Oakland California where she developed her interest in anthropology as well as continuing to dance. Mills turned out to be a poor fit for her interests so she came back to Brattleboro where she entered and completed the Pro track training program with the New England Center for Circus Arts. She further developed bodily strength and awareness by her study of Aerials: flying trapeze, fabric and acrobatics. She developed a partner act based on Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid as well as a solo act during that year with the circus center.

  Dance, theater, music, circus and cultural studies – The question for Shoshi has been how to bring it all together? Movement ethnography is the term she has coined to intergrate this diversity of skill and interest in a cross cultural process of exploration and The Naropa Institute in Boulder Colorado is the place she has chosen to help her in the development of this idea. At Naropa life and art are one, coupled with spiritual and bodily awareness. This is where Shoshi is studying now beginning this year, 2008. No doubt we all hope she finds a way to come home to choreograph another show at NEYT and to share with us all the wisdom and skill she has absorbed in her studies at Naropa.

To reach Shoshi's staff page click here.

Taylor - NETY


Hi, my name is Taylor. My first show at this theatre was in the summer of 2005. Since then, I have been in eight shows. Those shows are: (in order) Deadwood Dick, Sound of Music, Winnie-the-Pooh, Little Women, Murder by Indecision, As You Like It, Miracle Worker and Oliver. But before I get in to those, let me tell you how it all began. I first found this theatre in early 2005, when I took two classes with Stephen Stearns. 

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Tyler L. - NEYT

Tyler L.

Hi! My name is Tyler. I have been at NEYT since the winter of 2008. I have been in eleven shows. It’s a Wonderful Life(Bank examiner and Randal Hathaway), Grease(Eugene), Willy Wonka(oompa Loopma and a Chef),The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe(Mr. Beaver),  Pajama Game(Warren and Pops), The Crucible (Giles Corey), Quality of Mercy (Myself, Big man  and a character from Brighton beach memoirs),  Fiddler on the Roof(constable), My Fair Lady(Jamie),and finally Beauty and the Beast(monsuier D'arge). 

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