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Our three classrooms are available at the following hourly rates:
Small Classroom         $30/hour
Medium Classroom     $35/hour
Large Classroom         $40/hour

The Large Classroom is equipped as a dance studio, with a vinyl dance floor permanently installed over a sprung wooden floor.  One wall of the classroom is mirrored.

STAGE, GREEN ROOM & LOBBY (together as a package)

For meetings and conferences:     $55/hour, $425/day  (7am-3pm)
Day and performance rentals include use of theater equipment, with restrictions.*  See below, under All Users.

For performances:
Monday, Tuesday                           $200/Performance
Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday        $225/Performance
Friday, Saturday                            $250/Performance

Four hours of rehearsal/setup time are included with each performance.  Additional rental time billed at $30/hour.
It is assumed that the renter will provide box office staff, house manager, ushers and technical staff appropriate for the scale of the performance.  If NEYT provides any or all of these individuals, the user will be billed for their time at the estimated rate.



Single day, 9 am to 5 pm, Monday - Friday:  $675.  No staff fees for NEYT Building Representative are incurred during weekdays.


Staff fees will be charged on weekends. 

Total Building Rental plus Performance

If a performance is planned as part of total building rental, add $150 to cost.


It is required that NEYT staff be present during the rental period.  Unless there is a need for active staff participation there will be no additional charge for staff during normal business hours, 9am-5pm. Otherwise $20 per hour will be charged for any participating staff member.
The user will be charged $20/hour for an NEYT representative when using the theater after 5:00 pm.
Technical Directors, House Managers, Box Office Managers, Ushers, and Stagehands may be available at an additional charge should the user require but not furnish these personnel.                              


* NEYT theater equipment (lighting, sound & projection) may be operated by renters only if trained and/or approved by NEYT.  Otherwise, NEYT will provide technical personnel at the agreed upon rate.  
Deposit and contract

A deposit is required to confirm rental—fifty percent of base fee due at time of signed contract with the balance due no later than the day of the event.

An additional refundable deposit of $200 is required at the signing of the contract to cover clean up or repair of breakage.  It will be returned if the theater has been properly restored to the way it was found before the event.    
Renters are responsible for their own liability & property insurance during the rental period. A written copy of the user’s policy is required.  NEYT accepts no liability for accidents, property loss or other events that are beyond their control during the rental period.

Student Employment

Trained and mentored NEYT students may be available as personnel (tech., box office, house staff) for nonprofit weekend and evening events at  $15 per hour.     

Merchandise and Concessions

NEYT reserves the right to provide & sell concessions at events. If NEYT does not provide & sell concessions, the presenter may assume the responsibility to do so. If renter does sell merchandise, NEYT will receive 10% of revenue.


Presenter is responsible for his/her own publicity, including posters, flyers, press releases, mailings, etc. Text on all promotional materials must be cleared with NEYT no later than three weeks prior to the event. Email text to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. NEYT must receive three posters/flyers at least two weeks before opening.  Posters will be displayed in our lobby, NEYT will provide an event notice on our web site and the event will be listed on our marquee.


Performance rental fees are reduced by 10% for non-profit users.  This discount applies to rental fees only, not to labor.

NEYT Rental Contract  PDF

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