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2011 NEYT Sponsorship Program

All Sponsors receive these benefits:

   • Summer, Ticket, Platinum and Gold sponsors receive a full page ad in the 2011 NEYT Program Book; Silver, Bronze, and Adventure sponsors receive a half page ad in the 2011 NEYT Program Book
   • All sponsors receive an ad in the playbills for all productions during sponsorship period
   • A banner with your company logo will be displayed in the lobby throughout the duration of your sponsorship
   •  Sponsors receive acknowledgment and thanks for sponsorship in promotional materials for these programs via posters (80 distributed in Brattleboro, 50 distributed in surrounding towns from Walpole to Wilmington and Keene to Townsend), press releases, radio ads on two stations, NEYT website, e-mail notices, ticket information line, from the director on stage
   • All sponsors receive 2 complimentary tickets to each of these shows and invitations to special events, such as the annual gala events.
   • Sponsors information reaches up to 40,000 people

Ticket Sponsor: Full year sponsoring NEYT’s tickets    VALUE: $12,870; COST: $5,000
Special Benefits Include
    •Printed ads on all tickets sold at the NEYT box office (8-10,000 tickets sold)
    •A year-round ad on the NEYT website homepage
    •A year-round ad on the ticket information page, part of NEYT’s website
    •Being mentioned in feature articles and radio interviews

Summer Sponsor: for all summer programs and productions    VALUE: $6,200; COST: $3,500
Special Benefits Include
   • Being mentioned in feature articles and radio interviews
   • Logo appears on the summer program registration postcards and e-mails (distribution: 2500)
    Jr. & Sr. Shakespeare    Jr. & Sr. Melodrama    Musical Theatre   
    Circus Minimus    Page to Stage    Drama and Dress-up
    Leap Into Acting    Theatre Adventure Program

9 weeks of programs, 7 weekends of performances, 8 different productions! 400+ families

SALMAGUNDI Sponsor    VALUE: $4,800; COST: $3,000
Support a program that brings world-class theatre professionals to Brattleboro to perform and lead workshops
Special Benefits Include
      •An expanded distribution of press materials - including areas in Northampton and local colleges
      •Being mentioned in feature articles and radio interviews
      •Logo appears on the festival postcards


Platinum: Featured Performance Sponsor    VALUE: $2,000; COST: $1500
Special Benefit: being mentioned in feature articles and radio interviews
    My Fair Lady    NEYT Holiday Show TBA
Each performs for 2-3 weekends, no fewer than 10 shows!

Gold: Sponsor one of NEYT’s major productions    VALUE: $1,400; COST: $1000
    A Greek tragedy directed by Eric Bass    Beauty & the Beast    
    Senior Company Fall Show TBA
Each performs for 2 weekends, no fewer than 8 shows!

Silver: Minor Show Sponsor:     VALUE: $800; COST: $500
    Jr. Company Fall Show    Circus Minimus    Merchant of Venice
    Jr. Shakespeare    Sr. Melodrama    Jr. Melodrama
    NEYT Alumni Show (2 weekends!)        NEYT Alumni New Works Festival

Each performs for at least 1 weekend, no fewer than 4 shows!

Bronze Co-Sponsor Option: Shared Sponsorship     VALUE: $800; COST: $500
    Available for any sponsorship option!

Adventure Sponsor:     VALUE: $800; COST: $500
Sponsoring a semester of NEYT’s Theatre Adventure Program, a theatre arts class for children, youth, and adults with disabilities, which welcomes a smaller number of their typically developing peers.  This group has up to 6 performances each year, two per semester.

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