All questions related to the Request for Proposals must be submitted by Thursday, Jan. 16 and should be addressed to Naomi Shafer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Responses will be posted here.

Downloadable site map

Downloadable site map with new landscape design

The new schedule is:
Thursday January 16, 2014: Final day for questions.
Monday January 20th, Deadline for Proposal Submissions
Monday, January 27th, Consultant notification.


Thank you all for your interest in our project and patience with this project.
I have attached a new site map, which includes the new landscape design. This has been a volunteer-driven process. I will be able to send you more detailed specs soon. They will be available at Monday’s site visit and I will send them to this list and post them to the NEYT website.

 Based on what was discussed it would appear that the project costs “could” exceed the $200,000 budget.  Is that the actual budget for the project?
Q: We have secured $200,000 for the project. If it exceeds that cost, we will need to leverage other sources of funding. Our priority is completing the remediation in a timely, effective manner. Cost will be a secondary factor in reveiwing proposals, but remains an important consideration for us.
We were also told that some sort of detailed restoration plan would be developed prior to the bid date to assist with the costing of grading, paving, plantings etc..   Will that plan be sent to us electronically and/or will we need to pick up at the next site walk?

A: A new plan is attached. (100SiteMap). We are still waiting for the detailed plan. It will be available at the next site walk, sent to you electronically and posted on the website.

Q: My advertisement states that you’re looking for someone to oversee the remediation activities, does this include the actual excavation/transportation/disposal work also or is that on a separate contract? If so, has that work already bid or is that upcoming?
A: We are looking for a Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) to oversee the entire project, including excavation/transportation/disposal work. This person will be responsible for all subcontracts, which should be included in this initial bid.

Consultant Questions

Q:I have done a preliminary calculation based on the area provided in the plans and have assumed approximately 2,000 tons of contaminated soil will require treatment/disposal.   Based on the analytical data and regional transport & disposal costs, that would consume the majority of your budget leaving little for restoration and site work.   That said it may make sense to have your engineer calculate quantities and re consider separating the remedial work from the restoration work.  

A: We expect that the actual remediation will take up most of the current budget. We are prepared to do additional fundraising to complete the restoration part of the project.

 A: We’ve scheduled it all at once for a few reasons: 1. Time: We have summer programs from June 23-August 23rd and need the use of our space at that time. The project will either need to be completed before the end of June or happen later in the summer.
2. This project is outside our normal scope of work. We want to do it all as once so that we can have one engineer oversee the entire project without putting it out to bid a second time.

Applications will be evaluated based on technical merit and willingness to work with us. We’re working to find other sources of funding and will do whatever it takes to get it done this summer. The actual planting will be done by us. What we need in terms of restoration is paving and topsoil. The design shows where trees will go, since those areas will need more excavation.

Q: At the site planning, Terracon and Weston & Sampson, both recommended that NEYT take a step back in its process since your initial concept has some permitting hurdles (FEMA) to get over and NEYT needs to decide if this concept is your most desired, cost effective approach.  Bidding on a conceptual concept like this with so many unknowns will unfortunately leave you with material, cost and timing unknowns in any contractor bid, which will raise overall costs and mean that you will not meet your desired construction window this spring.

A: Thank you for your insight and your concerns. You raise a legitimate question about FEMA and town permitting. At this phase of the process, we are looking for a firm who can carry the project from its current status through to the end of the remediation. This includes any permitting, final engineering designs, and subcontracting etc. We understand that your proposal may include elements (such as FEMA permitting) outside of the scope of work we anticipated. We look forward to reading your suggestions, and understand that the right process may take longer than we’d projected. In terms contractor bids, we know that all specs received at this time are estimates and subject to change.


Contractor Information for Cleanup of 100 Flat St., Brattleboro, for NEYT.
January 3, 2014
Note- these square yardage amounts should be accurate within 5%+-.

1—Paved areas, and gravel/hardpack, shurpak--------------------------------2750
2—Planted areas, including grass, shrubs, trees-------------------------------2050
Note that for the grass areas, there are only 4-5” of loam and sand on top.  Underneath you will find hardpack gravel.  This accounts for approximately 1700 yards of the above 2050.
This is the material to be excavated and removed under the contract.

Replacement Materials- best current estimate, pending final approval of design.

Paved areas, including parking lot, driveways, handicapped and staff parking areas, as shown,  approximately -------------------------------------------------------------------------4000 sq. yds.
Green space (mostly lawns)---------------------------------------------------------1000 sq. yds
(Note that this would be 6” of clean fill, with 6” of good quality loam for grass growing.)
We would also designate specific areas of green space where we will dig a couple of feet deeper, fill with with good soil, then membrane, then another 12” of loam, for tree planting.  This area still to be finally decided on.  You should price this process by the square yard in your bid.
Other materials and specs
Membrane is specified as SSDS.
Approx 400 linear feet of curbing for parking lots.  Granite would be preferable.
200 ‘ of buried water line ( 1” black plastic is OK, buried 18” deep, from theater building into parking lot island. Does not need to be below frost line.
Approx 240 feet of buried Sch. 40  1” pipe conduit from northernmost lamppost on site to parking lot island, then length of island, and also out to sign at sidewalk.  Buried 18”.  2 concrete bases for new lampposts in island- TBD.  Our electricians are Tyler & Co. in Brattleboro.  Contact is Brian Tyler.  Office phone 254-9309. Cell 802-380-0118.
Pathway across green space to theater, and pathway along Church building will be colored paving, or colored pavers- maybe 2’x2’?  This totals approximately 300 square yards of base and finish material.  ( note that approximately 135 sq. yards cross the lawn area, so you can factor that into calculations for lawn area materials.)

Rick Barron, Technical Director, NEYT

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