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The May Award

THE MAY AWARD -- revised 9/30/14
Applications are again being accepted for the May Award. Intended
for the most promising graduates of NEYT and funded by an
anonymous donor, this scholarship is designed to help exceptionally
talented students succeed in the theatrical arena and become leaders
in their field. The award has been created to help NEYT develop
long-term financial security and to build a reputation for supporting
new talent. One $20,000 or two $10,000 scholarships will be
awarded each year, assuming there are applicants who, in the opinion
of the selection committee, fulfill the criteria for the award. These
include, but are not necessarily limited to:

• talent, as observed over time in performances and classes at NEYT
• maturity • passion • commitment • work ethic

Applicants must intend to enroll in, as well as submit proof of
acceptance at, a recognized institution in a program of professional
training in the theater arts for the following fall. These
institutions may include, but are not limited to, conservatories,
theater training programs and schools with established theater
departments that have a theater major. All alumni of NEYT who
fulfill the criteria set out above are eligible to apply for this award.
Theater arts are understood to include acting, producing, directing,
writing, stage management and design--lighting, costume and scenic.
Study in the related fields of television and film is also eligible.

The application process will require written answers to a
questionnaire. A committee of NEYT faculty and advisers will meet
to review applications and will request interviews with selected
candidates. After interviews, the Committee will meet again and the
final decision will be announced by mail. Previous winners, as well as
other former applicants, may reapply if all of the above criteria are
met. The Committee reserves the right to contact the applicant’s
place of study to ensure that he or she is meeting the criteria, and that
the work qualifies under the terms of the award.

Although financial need is not a principal consideration for the May
Award, it may be a factor in deciding between candidates who
otherwise have equal merit. Thus, applicants invited to an interview
will be asked to bring their current FAFSA application. If not
submitting a FAFSA, parents’ most recent tax returns will be
acceptable. All applicants for the May Award must have met their
financial obligations to NEYT to be eligible to apply.

Please contact NEYT to ask for an application form, or download one
by clicking on the appropriate link at the botom of this page.

For those interested in the May Award, there
will be an informational meeting held every January to discuss the
purpose and process of the award. Attendance at this meeting is
highly recommended.

*read an important note about the May Award here:

Perhaps the best way to describe the May Award is to say that it is an
informed investment in the future of those who exhibit the greatest
potential for success in an enormously competitive business. It is
not Financial Aid in the general sense of the word, nor is it a reward
for all an applicant has contributed to NEYT. The donors of this gift
expect the May Awards Committee to use its best judgment in
assessing not just talent, but also tenacity, focus, sense of purpose,
and an absolutely clear vision of what lies ahead. While it is, of
course, impossible to predict with certainty anyone’s success or
failure in any major endeavor in life, the Committee must make its
best guess and choose one or two winners of the award each year (or
else elect the option of selecting none). Success or failure in winning
the award is no guarantee of success or failure in a theater career. The
Committee may be right, it may be wrong. Above all, the task is to
carry out the wishes of the donor; personal relationships with the
candidates can not be considered in the selection. Unfortunately,
feelings of disappointment afterward in those who are not selected
are inevitable. Therefore, before you choose to apply, consider that
this process is very much like that of auditioning for a role or applying
for a job. Success is not assured, no matter how good one is (or
believes one’s self to be). What can be expected by anyone pursuing a
career in the arts is that rejection will be constant; a thick skin is
necessary. It is difficult for the Committee to have to make choices
that will almost always leave out very worthy candidates. At the same
time, the Committee is hugely grateful to be able to award this very
significant amount of money, and eager to share the joy and good
fortune of successful May Award winners in the future.

FORMS and DEADLINES:  Please note that there are two different application forms.  First time applicants must submit the form titled the May Award Application Form By March 31.  Returning applicants must use the Return Application form and have the choice of two deadlines--please read the Return Application form for more details.


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