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It was the year 2010, I was 9 years old. Sitting on NEYT's stage for the first time. My fellow TAP members were there with me behind the closed curtain. My feelings? Terror. When the curtain opened and I saw the audience with all those beady little eyes staring at us. I wanted to run off stage crying. Then Darlene was there supporting me to say my first lines. Working with my friends and classmates made me relax enough to enjoy the show. I wanted to try it again.

So I signed up for TAP again. This time out production was "Pride Of The Lions." My stage fright was still pretty strong, before the first show I threw up. My friend Brite had to talk me out of the bathroom. But the show went on and It was alot of fun. My next show was "James And The Giant Peach." This was my biggest show so far, I loved the dancing. I was less scared when I went on stage. In May 2012, our TAP production was "The Wizard Of Oz". I Played the part of Dorothy. For the first time I really appreciated what Laura and the others had done with TAP I'm really proud to be a part of it.

My first big holiday show was "Annie". I remember the audition, I was really scared because there were so many people. I enjoyed the long rehearsals, the friendship. I now know NEYT is the place for me. I remember the last Saturday, it was the Love Circle, It was really sad because we were all going to miss each other, and for some people it was one of there last plays. Saying GoodBye is always hard. But it wasn't goodbye for all of us.

I signed up for "Ferdinand The Bull" with Peter Gould. "Ferdinand" was a lot of fun, I really loved performing in another language. I liked the challenge.
Here we are in 2013, I'm working on another TAP play, "The Jungle Book", I hope to mentor someday. And my stage fright is all gone. All those beady little eyes don't seem so beady anymore. I love NEYT its built my confidence and I feel I can do any play now!

Marisa -NEYT

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