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Louisa - NEYT


NEYT is one of the most wonderful parts of my life. I have taken classes there for years, but started my serious relationship with the theater in 2009. I’ve been watching plays there as long as I can remember, and they have almost always taken my breath away. Being involved within NEYT is completely another thing. I have often found myself lost in this crazy world of school and everything else, but when I started at this theater I had a “family” I could turn too. The thing about NEYT is everyone there has a common interest and therefore something to talk about. Having so many people to talk to sparked my relationships with many of my current friends.

The other thing I’ve gotten out of NEYT is the professionalism. There are very few places to do live theater in this area, and even fewer youth theaters. The productions at NEYT are widely known as the best around. The things I have learned from being in productions are not only theatrical tricks, but generally life skills. I have learned how to act on the stage and on the street. The things I have gained from becoming an NEYT actor are immeasurable and I could not get them anywhere else. I am excited to continue for as long as I can with all of these wonderful people and opportunities.

Louisa - NEYT



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