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Leap and the Net...

Takes and Double Takes
by Stephen Stearns
March 26th, 2008

“Leap and the Net Will Appear”.
  Or I might say, “Leap and the NEYT will appear”.  I can’t remember when I first heard that saying.  It is so long ago, maybe twenty-five years ago, that it is just a part of me now, how I operate, who I am, and I’ve never given a thought to where the saying came from.  But when we decided to stain that saying into the NEYT lobby floor, on the threshold of our new main stage, our costumer, Sandy Klein, decided to research its source.  Lo and behold!  She discovered that a fellow named John Burroughs coined it.  He also wrote the following. Really he did!

“Some scenes you juggle two balls, some scenes you
juggle three balls, some scenes you can juggle five
balls. The key is always to speak in your own voice.
Speak the truth. That's Acting 101. Then you start
putting layers on top of that.”  John Burroughs

I mean, like hey, WOW!…total clown right?!  Go figure!  Are we all woven into one clown tapestry of life, no matter when or where we were born….?  Yup, Totally!

On April 14, 2008, Tom Zilian will stain that motto, designed by Deb Lazar, onto our threshold.  There are several things that may interest you about this.  First, when NEYT toured King Lear to England in 2004, we paid a visit to Ann Hathaway’s house.  There we learned the derivation of the term, “threshold”.  In Elizabethan times cottage floors were layered up with straw to make them soft and catch all the table scraps and dirt that gravity pulled downward.  When the straw rug became intolerably dirty, they just shoveled it out of the house and laid down new straw.   To keep the straw, the thresh [shafts without the oat seeds on it] from spilling out the door, those smart people put an eight inch board on edge across the door way.  That board held the thresh in the room and so was called a “thresh-hold”.

It is appropriate for our theatre entrance, our “threshold”, to bear the emblem “Leap and the Net Will Appear”.  It is this philosophy that has held our dreams of an educational theatre facility for kids in place for the past decade. “Leap and the Net Will Appear” does not mean the same thing as “fools rush in where wise men fear to tread” or “ignorance is bliss”.  No.  There is much preparation needed before the leaping takes place.  Here, set out point by point, is the philosophy from which I gather my courage to “Leap”, knowing that, if I follow these steps, the net most assuredly will appear.  I have put these steps together for my own use, but borrowed the foundational ideas from Goethe, Ben Franklin, Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn and others.

The foundation for this belief.
What does this slogan actually mean or imply?
It means that you should risk to GO THROUGH ALL DOORWAYS OF OPPORTUNITY. BUT, before you do, you must commit to memory and practice daily THE SEVEN P’S and the 3 A’s that will lead unerringly toward the achievement of your goals and dreams.  Here they are:
P #1 Purpose: Determine the major purpose which you must accomplish
P #2 Passion: develop a burning desire to achieve it
P #3 People: assemble a Master Mind Alliance to help         you achieve it
P #4 Positive Mental Attitude [PMA] banish all             negative thoughts from your mind, all day, every             day, all year and for all time!
P #5 Preparation: Plan well before you leap.  Uncover every stone, be a good problem solver; use others input and ideas.  Use your master mind group, look at all angles, then take decisive action and more action! 
P #6 Patience: There is no such thing as failure until you accept it as such; each mistake, obstacle or dead end is simply a teacher helping you to find your way onward to your goal.  When things go wrong, simply evaluate the situation, change your approach and carry on with even more energy and action.  Never give up, NEVER! 
P #7 Persistence, Press on:  Be the last one standing!  Utterly believe in your major purpose; its deep and innate good, equality, justice, importance and the necessity that it must be achieved.  It must benefit many and hurt none.  Make sure that all members of your Master Mind Group will benefit monetarily or otherwise.

These seven principles, together with the 3 A’s are very powerful;  the three A’s are 
ONE: Take Action, 

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