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Dr. Seus

Theatre Talk with NEYT Artistic Director Stephen Stearns

Hi Everyone!
I called my old buddy Pete Seeger this morning to wish him good health in his 90th year of life.  We had a nice chat, during which he said, “My birthday party at Madison Square Garden was nice, but nowadays I’m not so interested in the really big things; more the little things.  I think that if we are going to still have a world one hundred years from now, it will be the ‘little things’ that make the difference.”   Then he said, “make sure you tell the world about what you all have done at NEYT down beside the brook; I loved seeing it last fall.”  Then he added further, “I remember Dr. Seuss saying, ‘If you want your words to carry a great strength, use them with SHORTH, SHORTH is better than LENGTH!”  Those words are worth their weight in gold.   Cheers, Uncle Stevie

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